Sunday, 15 March 2015

Product Review: Stila perfecting concealer

I just added this to my professional makeup kit, which to me is a big deal. I will share point form list of what I think is great about this:
  • It's a non-aqeuous base, meaning very thick, concentrated and long lasting
  • It has a very emollient, moisture preserving and water resistant formula, meaning its a fantastic long wear formula for dry skin
  • It has a wide range of very realistic skin shades with an easy a-z numbering system
  • Very hygienic metal tube with a tiny opening and a very small, portable look...what I find to be ideal in a makeup kit
  • It's probably one of the least line-enhancing concealers I have ever used in my multitude of years at Sephora, I put it on many women with highly textured skin and it always yielded impressive results
  • And lastly, the coverage. This is a high pigment, thick rich cream, with enough coverage to tackle even tattoo type concealing jobs, while being easy enough to thin out for a sheerer coverage and like many other similar products (Kat Von D's lock it, MUFE full cover, etc) can be turned into a foundation with a bit of manipulation. 
If you've tried the KVD concealer, you will find this thicker in texture, more emollient and harder to blend (the KVD has silicone, which this one doesn't). If you've tried the MUFE, which is very matte and long wearing, this has similar blendability but a much more emollient texture. 

The ingredients are very friendly to mature skin, somewhat unfriendly to acne prone skin. People with very oily skin probably won't like this, but those with dry to normal should consider it.

Full ingredients after the jump:

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Product Review: Paula's Choice Clinical Instant Calm Advanced RednessRelief

This stuff is one of my personal holy grails, body and face. I have incredible sensitive redness prone skin head to toe, and I'm also particularly prone to ingrown hairs on my legs, which whenever they occur seem to leave hyper pigmented scars.  Suffice it to say, the few times I have run out of this since first beginning usage, skirts ceased to be an option.

I love to use it right after a shower, douse my skin in the golden coloured liquid and use my epilator. I find it is very slippery, allowing the machine to glide and make a quick job of epilating my entire body. It also let's me deal with minimal redness afterward and little to no ingrowns. If you've ever used an epilating and suffered the almost guaranteed ingrowns afterward, you can probably understand why I dread the idea of running out of this. Another favorite usage is right before and after threading, again, minimal to no redness or ingrowns afterward. 

I also love using it as part of a regular body and face skin care routine, in fact I consider it my skin's breakfast, it's my post-shower first step and the most essential meal of my skin's day. I find that the slippery texture makes all my other products go a longer way and it helps keep irritation and redness to a minimum. For anyone with sensitive skin, I would consider incorporating this stuff into your routine.